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If you're a new member of [ profile] what_she_saw, you might be wondering what we've been up to since our conception awhile ago. Well, I keep pretty good records (although I don't always post - mod fail), and I've got the definitive list of all our prompts.

Or maybe you're fascinated with the idea of "100"-type communities, where you write a ficlet each for 100 different prompts. I know I am - I've done the [ profile] joss100 twice! Well, we haven't hit 100 prompts yet, and I haven't come up with a list of "100" for those brave enough to embark upon, but I do have all the prompts we've ever posted here.

Want to challenge yourself? Pick one and give it your best shot! Or grab five or six and use them all in one story! Whatever you do, just share it with us!

This list will also be posted to our user-info page, and updated as we go on. I've included links to the prompts that are more than words, including our image challenges, our single musical challenge, prompts that might need a little research, and our lyrics challenges. Enjoy!

what_she_saw prompts: definitive edition )

Also, if you haven't added a [ profile] what_she_saw button to your LiveJournal profile, what are you waiting for?

Visit THIS POST to snag yours today!

I've got one on my profile... all the cool cats and kittens do! (Okay, I really have to stop watching "Medium" gag reels.)
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Hi there - your ever-loving and good-looking mod here! I don't normally do this, but since this is my comm and since I know at least 48 people read it, I'd like to take a minute to tell you about something that is very important to me.

I know we have low participation in this comm, but honestly, this is the easiest thing I will ever ask you to do. I swear. It doesn't matter if you can write - if you can navigate the Interwebz, you can SAVE LIVES and take part in a MIRACLE.

Chase Community Giving is offering $1 million to a charitable organization. The top 100 organizations were chosen through a vote on Facebook.

This $1 million has the ability to change the lives touched by the organization. In this case, it might actually save lives, too.

- Spinal Muscular Atrophy is the #1 genetic killer of kids under the age of 2.
- 50% of those diagnosed will not see their 2nd birthday.
- Kids who survive are dependent on machines to help them breathe, move, and eat.
- They lose the ability to do many things we take for granted, including sit, talk, walk, swallow, cough, and breathe.
- The mind is NOT affected and kids with SMA are bright and social.
- 1 in 40 people is a carrier.
- There is NO treatment and NO cure.
- The National Institutes of Health have said that SMA is the disease "CLOSEST TO TREATMENT."

With odds like that, wouldn't YOU like to be part of a miracle?

YOUR VOTE will help the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation win $1 million - a million dollars that will go towards research for a CURE. The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation has already won $25,000, just for being one of the top 100 charitable organizations chosen by voters on Facebook and awarded by Chase Community Giving.

Please consider voting from January 15th - January 22nd to help CURE SMA! Head over to VoteForSma to find out more.

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation was founded by Bill and Victoria Strong, whose daughter Gwendolyn has SMA Type I. Gwendolyn has already beaten the odds - she is 3 years old.

Gwendolyn deserves a future!

And so do these kids )

Vote For SMA - and be a part of a miracle... be a part of a cure.

Gwendolyn and her friends - and some of my friends - will thank you.
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[ profile] smallfandomfest is back for a sixth round and taking prompts.

This is a great challenge, and one that accepts Medium, so submit your prompts, people :)
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Alright, I worked on this all day long and I'm hoping whomever drops this community can use this to their advantage. I've created four "Community Pimpage" codes, to spread the word about the MEDIUM communities wherever its allowed and if you are the maintainer of any of these communities, you can post the codes on the User Info Page. If you feel like it, post it in your Personal Journals for your friends to see if their interested in the series. Naturally, do not claim to have made the graphics featured as your own.

To Affiliate with this community, leave a message here!

+3 More Codes Behind the Cut )
May. 1st, 2009 04:23 pm

A challenge

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Just wanted to let you know that [ profile] smallfandomfest's fifth round begins today.

So submit your prompts!

Everything is explained in THIS POST!
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Greetings Medium fans!

You like a challenge? Sign-ups are up at [ profile] story_lottery.

March = Sign-ups
April-May = writing and posting time.
June = Winners!

Interested? Curious? Check [ profile] story_lottery.

Thanks for your attention :)

PS: Dear mod, if this isn't allowed do what you need to do, ;) and accept my apologies :(
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Whelp, If its alright with you guys, I'd like to introduce you guys to my first attempt at A LiveJournal Community:

[ profile] dubois_love; An extra extension for all your JoexAllison (And Medium) needs! Check it out.
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All right, everybody, let's keep going! I am confident that someday we will get submissions... someday.

This week's challenge is: time. This challenge will run until Monday, May 14th, when it will be replaced by a new one.

Tell everybody you know about us - we are [ profile] what_she_saw and we are the first... and the best!
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This week's "Medium" Mondays challenge is: sunset. This will run until next Monday, April 30, when it will be replaced by a new one.

Please friend this community. Each member needs to respond to either this challenge or next week's in order to keep their membership.

Please pimp us out to everyone you can think of! I did some posting in [ profile] pat_arquette and [ profile] mediumicons, but obviously those aren't the only places we could put up gentle advertisements.

This is my first time running a community, so if there's things you'd like to change, please tell me! Suggestions are always welcome!

Good luck!
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