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In honor of Halloween and the upcoming MEDIUM/Night of the Living Dead episode (6x06: "Bite Me"), this week's prompt, this time inspired by the Charlie Brown TV movie special, is, "It's the Great Pumpkin Allison Dubois!". A tiny bit of wordplay with the title of said TV special. Are the Dubois dreading or looking for to Halloween? Do Bridgette or Marie truly hope to see the Great Pumpkin? Does Allison specifically enjoy or hate All Hallows' Even – e'en? What of the other characters? Tell us in the form of a tale.

Here's a little visual stimulation (Take from it what you will and incorporate it into your story if you wish). C'mon guys, let's see some entries this week!

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Hi everybody! I have been a bit of a flake lately about the comm (and other things too), so I apologize.

I really enjoyed the season premiere. THANK YOU, CBS!

This week's challenge is: disability.

Once again, there are 39 of us with posting access - WE CAN DO BETTER THAN ONE FIC! If you don't like the prompt, substitute another word and write a ficlet anyway! I know there's good stuff out there - let's see it!
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Hi folks! If you're in the US like me, you're anxiously awaiting "Medium"'s move to CBS and the start of the sixth season.

What better way to pass the time than with some fanfic?

This week's prompt is: evening. Is it when Allison and Joe go on a date, or when Bridgette and Marie play a prank on Ariel? Or is it when a crime is committed or solved? Or is it more a time for romance?

I want to see a lot of fics this week! We have 39 members of the community who have posting access, and there's usually one or zero fics. Let's change that!
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Hi, everyone! Here in the US we just enjoyed the Season 5 finale. I am also preparing to move three hours away from home for the summer, so I really WILL be contacting those of you who volunteered to help! (I promise! Things have just been really getting away from me!)

This week's challenge is: wedding.

See you next week! It'll be my last before I'm away for a while.
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Hi, everybody! I hope you had a good weekend and, if you're in the States, a special Memorial Day. I was blessed to spend some time with my parents at my grandfather's grave. My grandfather fought in World War II and I was extremely proud of him while he was living, and I am proud of the legacy he left behind.

I also enjoyed the new episode tonight, no matter what news I'm hearing about "Medium"'s cancellation. Next week's finale looks great as well, from the previews I saw tonight. I will be happy to follow the show to CBS, even if it means it'll be on the air with whatever sort of broadcast yuck that is "Ghost Whisperer." We all know "Medium" was the first, and the best, and that's all that matters!

This week's challenge is: a crossover! I've never tried this prompt before, but I figured it was time, since season finales are cropping up all over. So pick your other favorite show, and slam it together with "Medium." It doesn't matter if your other favorite is "Star Trek" or "The Tyra Banks Show" - any pairing will be sure to delight our readers here.

Have a great week!
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Hi everybody! I've finally finished college and have moved home for a few weeks before my summer job starts. So far it's mostly been a blur - I'm still trying to figure out where all of my clothes and books and other important stuff are. :)

And, of course, trying to catch up on "Medium"! How lucky we are (in the US) to have TWO weeks of two episodes in a row! Last week I unfortunately watched neither episode because I was at work until about midnight, and this week I was only able to catch the second one, but I was very pleased with it!

This week's prompt is: fight.

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Monday!

EDITED: I was going through and compiling a list of previously-used prompts, and I realized that one week (before I started numbering the posts weekly), I had inadvertantly skipped a number. So the number of this week's challenge (#34) is the ADJUSTED one, and we'll go up from here. Remember, everyone - numbers are your friends!
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Hi everyone - I hope your week is off to a better start than mine is.

And if you're a "Firefly" fan who's keeping up with the show, wasn't it great to see Morena Baccarin on 04/06/09's episode? I loved it (being a HUGE "Firefly" fan)!

Two sort of "business" notes before the challenge:
- If you haven't done so already, please friend this community, so that you can see all updates when they're posted. This will also help you find great fics to read, and to comment on others' fics.

- And please take the community use survey! It's below this post. It's only 12 questions long, and it will be of great use to me to figure out what sorts of changes - if any - we'll be making here at [ profile] what_she_saw.

This week's challenge is a quote: "Do the math!"

See you next week!
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Hi everybody! It's Monday here for me, and tonight is the premiere of the new season of "Medium"! I'm way excited.

In honor of the premiere, this week's challenge is: new beginnings.

Rules and info can be found under "user info."

Welcome to our new members!

Coming (hopefully) next week - a [ profile] what_she_saw poll, to determine the direction of the community!
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Hey, everybody! I just saw a set of commercials for the new season! Yes, that's right! We'll have "Medium" back on Monday, February 2 for those of us in the US!
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