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weber_dubois22: (A Dark Knight)
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This week's prompt is: "Have you seen this girl?"

See You Next Week.
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Hi everybody! This week's challenge is an image prompt:

Tell me a story!
weber_dubois22: (Beginnings)
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In honor of Halloween and the upcoming MEDIUM/Night of the Living Dead episode (6x06: "Bite Me"), this week's prompt, this time inspired by the Charlie Brown TV movie special, is, "It's the Great Pumpkin Allison Dubois!". A tiny bit of wordplay with the title of said TV special. Are the Dubois dreading or looking for to Halloween? Do Bridgette or Marie truly hope to see the Great Pumpkin? Does Allison specifically enjoy or hate All Hallows' Even – e'en? What of the other characters? Tell us in the form of a tale.

Here's a little visual stimulation (Take from it what you will and incorporate it into your story if you wish). C'mon guys, let's see some entries this week!

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Hello everyone!

First post as a mod, oh!

I'm here to encourage you, dear members, to submit those Medium fics hidden deep down inside you.

This week's prompt is tiara.

I found a little picture to help stir your creativity.

Have fun writing, and see you all next Monday.
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Hi everybody - I hope you had a great weekend and are now looking forward to the week ahead. I finally found some time to update, despite the fury of finals and the uncertainty of trying to move out within the next two weeks.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous on-hold post. As soon as I grab another set of minutes, I will be replying to you by PM.

Just two reminders this week:

- If you haven't friended this community, please do so! It's a great way to see when new challenges are posted, read new fics, or participate in the comm in other ways.

- If you haven't taken the [ profile] what_she_saw community uses survey, please scroll down and take it. It's twelve short questions that will impact the future of our comm!

For this week's prompt, I decided to use another photo prompt. (Text description below the photo.) Use this photograph for your ficlet:

A blond woman, her back to the camera, walks through an aisleway between rows and rows of cream-colored street-lamps. She is wearing a blue dress and is barefoot. She is walking towards a starry night and a wall of golden hazy lights.

See you next week!
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Hi everybody! Hope your week is off to a great start!

This week I took my cue from the NanoLJ community - this week's challenge is to write a ficlet based on the picture below:

Have fun with it!
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