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Title: Greatness
Summary: challenge response to 'crossover'. 'Medium' crossing over with 'Night at the Museum'
Author: deadlypo
Rating: PG
Character(s): Ariel, Teddy Roosevelt, Allison, mentions of Bridget, Joe, and Marie.
Spoilers: SPOILER for the new 'Night at the Museum'
Word Count: 471

The Museum of Natural History...really? )
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 Title: Know Part Two
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance but not really
Characters/Pairings: Lee, Allison, Lee/Allison
Spoilers: None really
Warnings: Alcohol and some cursing

Allison stood and padded over to the door, the off-beat banging making her nervous. Standing on her tip-toes, Allison looked the peephole to see a swaying Lee which calmed her some. With Joe and the girls away visiting Joe's mother, Allison had been on high alert but seeing the familar face put her at ease. Unlocking the door and opening it, Allison eyed Lee, the smell of beer eminating from his person.

"Hello Allison," He slurred, leaning on the door frame.

"Hi, Lee, what can I do for you?"  She asked, leaning back slightly.

"Come I come in?" Lee leaned forward before tilting to the left and then centering again. Allison stood back, and swept her arm in invitation. Lee stumbled in and collapsed onto the couch.

"Have you been drinking?" Allison asked, sitting beside him.

"You have no idea," Lee mumbled before rubbing the back of his head. "Alright, listen...this is going to sound so ridiculous but..." Lee rubbed a hand over his eyes. "I-I love you,"

"What?" Allison squeaked, her eyes wide. 

"I love you and damnit I know that nothing can ever happen but I was going crazy not telling anyone," Allison nodded mutely. Lee leaned over and pressed his lips against hers briefly before standing and making his way to the door. "I'm sorry, really...I'll just-just go now," Lee hurried to the door and paused momentarily. "I meant it,"

Lee walked out the door, leaving a stunned Allison on the couch, a blush creeping up her neck. Moving quickly, she locked the door and sighed. She decided that Joe didn't need to know.
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Title: Know Part One
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance but not really
Characters/Pairings: Lee, Allison, some dude, Lee/Allison
Spoilers: None really
Warnings: Alcohol and one curse word

Part One )
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Title: Dreams
Rating: PG maybe PG-13
Fandom: Medium
Characters: Joe Dubois, Allison DuBois, and Lee Scanlon
Spoilers: None
Summary: Never count a man out. Bit OOC
Author's Note: I have always loved this pairing and I know it will never get any nods by the show so I made it happen in a perfectly reasonable way

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